A poem for shunned flora

Unknown flower in moonlight; photo by the writer

Flowers are blessings
lit in hues and scents
feast for our senses
serendipity often,
ugly, unsightly blooms
yet eyes chance upon
pushed beyond the frame
not worth a second glance,
might not be alluring
to artful human lens,
God’s imperfect pieces
but equally dignified
humble components
of cosmic creation
invisible sparks in
absolute scintillation,
unfold, endear the life
in purposeful precision
Is beauty a filter for
unprejudiced integration.

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Era Garg May 2021



Photo by the writer

You were not that hunky
even I wasn’t that nubile
we weaved with aplomb
our warp, weft ductile
you played the man
I played your wife
in upheavals of time
you moved forward
I stayed quite behind,
a home to be buoyed
with bliss of babbles
few nimble fingers
hugged to be tingled
for fulfillment imbued
in quintessence of life
you played the father
I played the mother
a glitter of smiles
a burst of synergy
a dive in creation
came to my rescue,
soon after it waned
and tiny tawny toes
crossed the threshold
of a castle all astir
taking a long stride
joy ripped at the seams
mosaic misaligned,
you played the man
I played mother, wife
picking my stoical bit
dumped beyond light,

A Prose Poem

Image by the writer

I feel like an emulsion; my one half dispersed in other half, both immiscible, a combination of spirited and sullen, one half of hope pulls me out of the cold well of darkness, another joyless half leaves the ropes loose, I tumble back to the depths of unfathomable core of time,
Hopeful one picking desires and stringing in a posy to heart’s delight, dismal half pulls the thread violently so there remains only a flurry of fallen leaves,
a pain plumped up by passion feeds hopeful half to rise above clouds, idling streak of wild one keeps peeling off its flesh…

A free-verse Poem

Photo and scribbling by the writer

Purple blue iridescent
olive yellow exuberant
highlight the garden’s
self-endowed shadows
twosome flit, catapult,
trill mild and mellow
perched on the base of
ruby red hamelia flush
hovering over tubular
yellow, crimson russelia
to fathom floral charm
for nectar’s daily feed,
stealthily matting
fibrous wisps, straw
in a vague cradle
hung from blue pea
vine’s faded sere bough
shallow and shoddy
hideous reticulum
the nest greeted eggs
a blurbed rhythm of life,
parents went berserk
leaving to rush back
with worms in beaks,
stoop down to pour
food in hungry chicks,
humdrum of new life
next to my window
bringing euphony
to the silence of colours
joy and tranquility
racemised in tow…


Photo by the writer

This room transfigures into the teapot my cursed soul lying liquidated in, a cavernous volume partially lit by tubular hope of anticipated outside view,
my pencil sketches bantering with angles of sunrays on window sill since dawn to twilight, reflecting on deceased relations, sizzle of dishevelled medical records, webinars notes and workshops online,
room seems to be aquarelle’s multi-welled palette with me, a lonely granulated pigment, dusty and parched, sunk in one depression,
tearsome agitation staining endless leisure with monochromes, yesterday a trapezium in constellation, today evoking a stale prismatic desperation,
space alights on a branch of Illusion pretending to be…

A haiku

Image created by the author

A girl on white horse
A boy playing love on flute
Shining against clouds

In response to the day 30 prompt “memories” by Literary Impulse celebrating national poetry month.

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Era Garg April 2021


Family photo clicked at Munnar, Kerala, India during a vacation in 2019; photo courtesy: the author

Shouts were a part of adolescence
hormone surge bawled in anger,
Yet I remember when you could
only murmur with enlarged orbs
fidgeting toes, flailing arms
now pursed, then popped lips
yelping, yowling to allure my whole
your scent mingled with my
my milk nursing and nourishing,
father' lap too you didn’t wish to
divide between yelling siblings,
now grown ups you spring forth
your dissent in crystal clear voice
to rock the resilient values imbibed,
whooping in delight, never complaining
about daily details we used to trip over,
spraying bondings to flourish greener,
tiptoeing to maturity, shouts are now
powerlessness no one belongs to,
father and me of late reverberate
with fulfilling, entrancing murmurs…

A Poem

Image by the author

I pick dewy flower buds
threaded with fragrance
tying knots to weave
a garland’s humble offering,
rubbing on stony intellect
scented wood of passion
to anoint the supreme,
singing soulful hymns
in a spell of devotion,
to be a sparrow perched
on pyramidal cupola
of temple beneath sky
trilling in contemplation
crumbs of ego forsaken,
on purpose of salvage
from the magnetic world
striking heart and mind
so spark may finally
awaken my nucleus
to radiate intense light
facing rage of storms,
hope to be one day
a ray merged forever in
absolute illumination.

In response to the day 28…

A Poem

Image created by the author

O wishful motherly soul,
I deny to embrace this toxicity
which has irrepressible desire
to inhibit the chemical reaction
turning an etched negative of
photographic film to develop
in a lively lush picture of mine,
we bond since you once bore
my fruit of desire in yourself
this doesn’t translate into
your hacking of my freedom
impeaching my ignorance
scraping my velveteen youth
with malicious edge of rules
you as spider web cling to
my mindful, heartiest space
I may take deviation from
trodden path of blind obedience
disagreeing to your implants
of judgemental notions
disobeying you for not perceiving
my simply unique identity
though I will carry forward you
to future generations in universal
passing the DNA game…

A Poem

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on unsplash

Optical twinkles
studded with
silver sequins
embosomed by
susceptive souls
turf, humus alike
Dewdrops wink
to evanesce
in a mere blink

In response to the day 26 prompt “dewdrops” by Literary Impulse celebrating national poetry month.

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Era Garg April 2021

Era Garg

An enthusiast balancing chemistry with pen & poetry, painting nature , exploring my identity in universe.

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